Synesis IT (“Synesis”) is the global leader in developing cost-effective, web-based Business Technology Optimization (BTO) software and services. Our low cost Just-in-Time Business Software – including the industry-focused Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Office Management System (OMS) applications and other industry specific software – as well as our IT governance and implementation, support and training services are used by public sector entities as well as a wide array of Fortune 100 and mid-sized companies to maximize their IT value.

Customers b uy our products and services for two reasons: Firstly, to ensure that they work on the right priorities, with the right processes and the right people. Secondly, to optimize the quality, performance and availability of their existing applications, or to replace them with lower costing, scalable alternatives thereby ensuring they deliver the value expected by their business for its growth. Our unique, flexible, customer-centric delivery model helps us deliver the right solutions to each customer at the right price. And our financial and development resources, proven vision and ability to execute ensure that those solutions yield meaningful business value.

Who we are

Synesis IT (“Synesis”) comprises a team of talented professionals dedicated to your success. Our New York-based and worldwide teams of associates collaborate with each other to create solutions for the challenges our customers face each day.

We’re committed to doing all we can to serve our corporate and public sector clients of all sizes, from collaborating in strategic planning to supporting implementation and management of technology solutions. We bring to every collaboration deep industry expertise and professional integrity based on our longstanding core business values.

Our infrastructure consultants and support technologists do not only hold “paper” certifications; they are trained and well-versed in real world business conditions and trends and in vertical industry specifics. This brings additional value and cost savings to your enterprise. Our low-cost software applications are also designed with your business in mind-strategically as well as tactically addressing the critical business issues of sales and marketing teams, human resources organizations and the specific requirements of healthcare, real estate and higher education enterprises.

Our Partners