Education is facing a massive online movement. Students are registering for classes and applying for financial aid online rather than with paper forms, taking part in classes from across town to across the globe, and accessing network resources from home or other remote locations. Employees use Web-based human resources and employee management programs to keep track of faculty and staff requirements, to recruit new students, and to access payroll information. The ability to protect privacy is of the highest priority for all of these tasks.

Synesis serves Educational and Cultural Institutions by building Citrix-based systems that allow people to access the networks securely from off-site. We can analyze your network infrastructure and streamline it to ensure that your network is ready to cope with the unusually high-volume usage that it faces at certain times, such as around the first day of school, registration periods and more. In addition, our University Management System (UMS) is software designed to enable you to better interface with your constituents, including prospective and attending students, parents and families, and providers such as counselors, advisors and others.

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