Because today’s world is evolving very quickly, business demands are higher than ever. The way work gets done is changing. In order to stay competitive, you need to respond faster to business needs to innovate and unlock new value. You need the right information at your finger tips to make decisions quickly and react to the market. Your applications must be able to exchange data with other systems on private cloud, public cloud, traditional systems and other 3rd-party systems in a world of hybrid technology. Synesis IT’s Application Development can help.​

What we are all about is leveraging the power of the SharePoint platform using the built-in features properly. We offer a wide range of development by unlocking potential through a wide range of customization services, including

  • Corporate and Intranet Web Sites
  • Turn key SharePoint Portals
  • Digital Transformation
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Document / Records Management
  • SharePoint Branding
  • SharePoint Migrations
  • SharePoint Web Part Development
  • SharePoint Application Page Development
  • SharePoint App Development
  • Line of Business Application Integration with SharePoint
  • Dashboards and Business Intelligence


Understand your needs, business objectives and expectations.


Chart a course to help you realize your objectives.


Determine the value potential for your organization.

Once the foundation is in place, SharePoint can be leveraged to deliver real business solutions across SharePoint’s Four Promises: Enable Collaboration, Manage Information, Automate Processes and Manage Business Performance.

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