Do you want to experienced first-hand, the platform’s flexibility, scalability, cost advantages and speed to market?

We assist our clients:

  • Develop cloud guidance
  • Build the roadmap and
  • Identify cases where cloud is a viable method to meet business objectives.

We offer customer to build new applications and manage existing ones more quickly, flexibly, and efficiently by moving application development to the cloud. Synesis IT’s vision is cloud-based solutions that deliver application software over a network on an as-needed basis to improve performance, increase flexibility, and change the cost profile for organizations. The Synesis IT Cloud Applications Solution helps you take full advantage of the cloud to create profitable new revenue streams, enter and exit markets quickly, and find new ways to connect with customers. Synesis IT offers complete cloud capabilities that help enterprises deliver innovation, increase efficiency, and maximize agility.

Service Goal Deliverable
Cloud Application Offerings – Cloud Strategy Develop cloud guidance, build the roadmap and identify cases where cloud is a viable method to meet business objectives.
  • Cloud Strategy Guidance
  • Cloud Roadmap
  • Recommendations
Cloud Application Offerings – Cloud Application Selection Evaluate applications and workloads to determine suitability for the cloud and alignment with business objectives.
  • Selection Analysis Findings
  • Selection Analysis Summary
  • Recommendations
Cloud Application Offerings – Cloud Application Assessment Gather and assess functional and non-functional requirements for the application to build or migrate to the cloud.
  • Assessment Findings
  • Assessment Summary
  • Future State Arch
  • Solution Scope Definition
  • Application Build or Migration Estimates
  • Recommendations
Cloud Application Offerings – Cloud Application Proof of Concept Take select requirements of the application and develop a Proof of Concept to test key functionality or technical feasibility.
  • Functioning Proof of Concept
  • Proof of Concept Scorecard
Cloud Application Offerings – Cloud Application Development Develop new application that leverages cloud-specific benefits or migrate application from “legacy” environments to the cloud to leverage low-cost, low-touch cloud environments.
  • Functioning Application in the Cloud
Cloud Application Offerings – Cloud Management Manage or outsource applications across on-premise and cloud environments.
  • Managed Service for Application(s)
  • Production Support​​​​​​​​

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